Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Cooperation & Service

You are warmly welcomed to join our network to expand RS&GIS technologies to every aspect of research and application.

We are doing research and application on following disciplines:

  • Agriculture and Forestry (Landuse, landcover mapping, forest map, change detection);
  • Disaster management (Flood, disertification, drought, landslide, land degradation);
  • Biodiversity analysis (biodiversity indicator analysis, biodiversity conservation);
  • Network and transport (network accessibility, real-time navigation, on-field data capture and report);
  • Natural resource management (landuse planning, land evaluation);
  • Information management (web-based GIS, real-time data capture, geo-spatial database, database design and management);
We provide following services:
  • Remote sensing digital image processing;
  • GIS spatial analysis, network analysis, 3D analysis;
  • GIS programming (plug-in and stand-alone packages);
  • Digital image processing programming (C++, Visual Basic, and scripts);
  • Database system design;
  • Database programming;
  • GIS-Web for data management and presentation;
  • GPS survey and analysis;
  • Map presentation and multimedia cartography;
  • Multimedia presentation with cutting-edged graphical and audio technologies;
  • Photography and video taking; and
  • Event (workshop, conference, seminar) organisation;
  • Data and information searching;
  • Survey organization;
We have partners from different ministries and other international organisations, including IRRI, IRD, JICA, UNDP, IRS, WWF, CRIPS, FAO... in several R&D projects and join research. If you wish to collaborate with us, please feel free to contact.

For a future of a geo-informatics world !

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