Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Please carefully read site disclaimer:
  • This site does not host any books, softwares and other stuffs (audio, video...).
  • Links are mapped from external sources just for your references only. If you want to use such resources, please buy a license.
  • Be aware of using site's resources which may violate or harm copyright's law.
  • You are welcome to use OpenSource and other free things. They're completely legal. However, you have to check if things you're going to use would be OK or not.
  • P-GIS site's owner does not have any responsibility to actions that visitors may have later on, either to sources of information, softwares and books.
  • P-GIS does not guide you which resources are free, which are not. Please find by yourselves.
  • P-GIS's purpose is to open up GIS & RS network, disseminate space technology and introduce knowledge to people who are working in RS & GIS field of study.

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