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Kỷ yếu hội thảo ACRS 1980

Section 1 : National Reports
  1. NR80-1 Remote Sensing Activities in Thailand 
    Sanga, Sabhasri, Pradisth Cheosakul, Suvit, Vibulsresth
  2. NR80-2 An outline of The Science And Technology on Remote Sensing of the People’s Republic of China 
    Chen Weijiang
  3. NR80-3 Remote Sensing Activities in Japan
    Toshibumi Sakata
  4. NR80-4 Remote Sensing Activities in Malaysia 
    Nik Nasruddin Mahmood
  5. NR80-5 Remote Sensing Activities in Singapore 
    Y. J. Chong, A. C. Yeo, T. Y. Liang
  6. NR80-6 Remote Sensing : Country Report – Sri LankaN. G. R. Fernando
  7. NR80-7 Remote Sensing Activities in BangladeshM. A. H. Pramanik
  8. NR80-8 The Asian Regional Remote Sensing Training Center (ARRSTC) of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)Dr. James A. Kearns, Dr. Kanchit Malaivongs

Section 2 : Development
  1. DVP80-1 The Development of Remote Sensing Instruments in the Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Liu Yue-guang
  2. DVP80-2 Geometric and Geographic Correction for Remote Sensing Data
    Dr. Shunji Murai, Dr. Shunji Murai
  3. DVP80-3 Processor Evolution for increasing image processing amount
    Shin-ichi Hanaki, Tsutomu Temma, Kenji Naito
  4. DVP80-4 Development of Microwave Scanning Radiometer For Marine Observation Satellite-1
    Y. Ishizawa, T. Tange, T. Imatani
  5. DVP80-5 Direct Reception and Data Processing of Meteorological Satellites Tiros-N/NOAA-6
    Mikio Takagi, Yoshiaki kudo, Yoshio Ishido, Hiromasa Tanaka, Hiroshi Sato, Akira Kobori, Naohiko Ohkuma
  6. DVP80-6 Digital Image Analysis System
    A. Tsuboi, U. Kubo, S. Yamagata, S. Fukahata, T. Kato

Section 3 : Oceanography
  1. OCN80-1 River Discharge Monitoring with the Aid of Remote Sensing
    H. Shimoda, K. Fuku, T. Sakata
  2. OCN80-2 Analysing the results of an airborne test for oceanic Remote Sensing over Jiao Zhou bay
    Chen Ken, Luo Yanyan, Liu Zhishen
  3. OCN80-3 The accretion of mudflat in the PANG-NGA bay form Landsat data
    Absornsuda Siripong, Shunji Murai, Ryuji Matsuoka, Ryutaro Tateishi

Section 4 : Vegetation
  1. VEG80-1 Application of Remote Sensing in forest landuse planning
    Boonchana Klankamsorn

  2. VEG80-2 Discussion on the application of Satellite Multispectral Scanner Digital Data to Mapping and Monitoring Rice Production
    Keith R. McCloy
  3. VEG80-3 An Analysis of Training Sets for Supervised Classification of Multispectral Remote Sensing Data
    Dr. Kaew Nual chawee,Dr. Lee D. Miller, Dr. Sathit Wacharakitti
  4. VEG80-4 Four Band Multispectral Aerial Photography of Northern Thailand Watersheds
    Dr. Sathit Wacharakitti,Dr. Kaew Nualchawee

Section 5 : Geomorphology and Cartography
  1. GEO80-1 Geomophological Studies Of Bangladesh Cost Using Landsat Data
    M.A.H. Pramanik

  2. GEO80-2 An Integrated Approach To The Remote Sensing Of Subtromic Mountain Area in South-Western China
    Chen Shub-peng
  3. GEO80-3 Photographic analysis of sand flow in maowusu sandy land
    Mao Zan You

Section 6 : Detection, Classification and Analysis
  1. DCA80-1 Digital Processing of Space-borne Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
    Histoshi Nohmi, Shiro Kato, Nobuyasu Ito, Takenori Yanase

  2. DCA80-2 Unsupervised classification of land sat MSS data
    Y.J. Chong, A.C. Yeo, V.K,. Vong and B.C. Chew
  3. DCA80-3 Detection of Volcanic Ash Fall Area from Landsat MSS CCT Data -Eruption of Mt. Ontake in 1979
    Shinkichi Kishi
  4. DCA80-4 The observation of spectrum reflectivity during the growth of rice paddy
    Zhu Yonghao Deng, Renda Tang Yonggui Cui, Jue Wang Yifang
  5. DCA80-5 Remote Sensing Studies of China’s Urban and Rural Environment
    Roy Welch

Section 7 : Supplement
  1. SUP80-1 Study on Remote Sensing Technology Development
    Kim Eui-Hong
  2. SUP80-2 Land sat image processing by NEC. Acos-4.
    Kesol Petchsuwan, Kanchit Maitree
  3. SUP80-3 The application of Land sat imagery to Geomorphologic Mapping in the central plain and northeast plateau for soil survey purpose
    Pongpit Piyapongse
  4. SUP80-4 Land Use Classification Using Landsat Data
  5. SUP80-5 Study of Sedimentation and Watershed area around the Bhumibol reservoir with Remote Sensing Technique
    Dr. Prasit Prainmongkolkarn, Haan Kittichanon, Kanya Jirapayoongchai

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